Your Life, Your Death: Plan Now

July 25 | Noon-1pm | At CCHE & Zoom
Book Before You Go: A Death Doula’s Guide to Living Your Best Life Included
Presenters & Partners: A Better Death Doulas

Join us to create your personal plan that will lead to a Better Death.

This session will feature discussion and hands-on work with local author Jean Skeels who has just published "Before You Go” a guide toward a conscious relationship with the fact of your own mortality.  It will help you to envision and step boldly onto the path of your most inspired and authentic life. This book is a workbook, and the work is you. Full of meditations, activities, journaling, and writing prompts, this book connects you deeply to your own wisdom, passion, and vision. It will awaken and affirm your soul's purpose and open the door to a life of meaning and joy.

We will distribute the book the day of the class at CCHE for those joining online you could pick up the book that day or after the event based on preference. If this changes we will let you know.

A light lunch will be provided for guests who sign up for the in-person class. If you have any food sensitivities or preferences please bring your own brown bag lunch.

300 W 3rd Street, Po Box 57