• Need Epson printer ink

    Need Epson printer ink

    Posted by Anne Brataas on 11-09-18

    Hello fellow scribes! Does anyone have spare Epson 702 black-only printer ink cartridges for sale—$20/new unopened cartridge? Destiny attends the printed word...thanks!

  • Wanted--Computer desk

    Wanted--Computer desk

    Posted by Kristen on 11-08-18

    We are looking for a computer desk in very good condition for new Trinity church office. A desk that is less bulky would be better, no larger than 60"H X 55"W X 20"D. If you can help, please respond to this e-mail. Thank you.

  • Carpet Cleaning Needed


    Carpet Cleaning Needed

    Posted by Shelley Strohm on 10-19-18

    Looking for someone to clean our cabin carpet.