• 55 gallon plastic drums

    55 gallon plastic drums

    Posted by Philip Larson on 05-15-19

    $10/ea. 55 gal plastic drums with caps.   I have 3 black, 1 white and 1 blue.    I was going to build a floatable dock with these but I changed my plans. I’ve also use them for rain barrels sand barrels etc. 

  • Free long-length redwood siding

    Free long-length redwood siding

    Posted by Kathryn on 05-11-19

    Excellent redwood (I'm 99% sure) siding, extremely long lengths. You remove it...and it's yours for free.  easy to remove, you'll need two people, ladders, pry tools. Must be removed BEFORE Wednesday, May 15.  Call kathryn, 651-353-4069

  • Custom Sawn Lumber

    Custom Sawn Lumber

    Posted by Elizabeth Perry on 05-08-19

    Custom Sawn Cedar, Spruce, Birch and Black Ash. Call Stan Pelto for pricing or to place your order. (218) 370-9525 or (218) 370-8989