In 2021 we plan to pilot a new volunteer opportunity at North House centered around the weekly pizza
potlucks we host in the warmer months. The goal of pizza potlucks is to create a relaxing and fun way for
students to build community with each other, instructors, North House staff and volunteers on Friday
nights. Students gather after classes on Friday night to make and bake their own pizzas in the wood-fired
oven on campus then share in eating and good company into the evening.

What will volunteers do?
A typical pizza potluck can have between 25 and 80 people in attendance on a Friday night. The making
and eating of pizzas usually starts at 6 pm, preceded by a Chopping Happy Hour from 5:30-6 for students
to bring toppings, cut them up and to set up the toppings smorgasbord.

Volunteers will arrive at 4:45 pm to help set up the space, help direct students as they arrive, and assist
with the flow of making pizzas during the evening. Volunteers will, of course, get to make and eat pizza
every time they volunteer- a great perk! Volunteers should plan to stay and help clean up at the end of the
night, which usually wraps up by about 8:30 pm.

Volunteers will be assisting the campus hosts (1 staff member and 2 interns) as well as the weekly
work-study students with the pizza potluck. You’ll be part of the team and will look to the staff host for
tasks and direction during the event.

Are there physical requirements?
Volunteers should be comfortable standing for periods of time, washing dishes, and moving chairs and
tables. If you are interested but have concerns about the physical requirements, please get in touch and
we can discuss if this role would be a good fit for you.

What if I have kids? Can they come with me?
Of course! We welcome parent volunteers and families at the pizza potlucks. Note that masks will be
optional at these events though. You’ll be in charge of your kids throughout the night, but there are often
other young folks to play with and make new friends with at these events. Kids can help out too! Really
young babies may not be a great fit, but you know your family best.

How much of a time commitment will you be looking for?
Interested volunteers should plan to attend the first pizza bake of this season if possible- which will be
Saturday July 31st (the rest will be on Fridays). We will have a short training prior to the event at 4 pm for
volunteers. If you want to volunteer but can’t make it to the first one, other arrangements can be made.
After getting trained in, we are hoping you’ll sign up for 2-5 Friday nights, but there is no specific time

How do I sign up?
Please email Program Manager Sarah Waddle at with your name and phone
number to let her know you’d like to sign up! If you can’t make it to the first week training on Saturday July
31st, let us know when you sign up and we’ll find another time to get you trained in.

Contact volunteer program manager Sarah at or 218-387-9762.

500 W Hwy 61