Spring is here, and with this joyous occasion comes many different trail users in Cook County:  bikers, hikers, atv's, and horseback riders, to name a few. There are specific recommendations for Trail Etiquette.  Signs are prominent out west, but not here.  In an area where we have multi-use non-designated and designated use trails and roads,  there are important rules to follow to keep everyone safe.  This link has good information from the Leave No Trace website:  https://lnt.org/blog/trail-etiquette-101-primer-when-yield-other-trail-users.  The basic rules (taken from are: 
Hikers, runners and bikers should always yield to horses.
Bikers should yield to hikers and runners
Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic.
When approaching others from behind, a friendly greeting does wonders to let others know you are coming and common courtesy will always go a long way!

Thank you from the Sawtooth Mountain Riders Saddle Club
Geri Heston, Secretary