• New Pharmacist is looking for a housing


    New Pharmacist is looking for a housing

    Posted by Anna on 01-18-21

    Hello dear Grand Marais community! My name is Anna, and I am a new pharmacist at the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic Pharmacy that just recently opened. I am so excited to join the community. I am in the process of moving from Minneapolis with my husband and my…

  • Looking for a Home 1 to 2 year rental.

    Looking for a Home 1 to 2 year rental.

    Posted by Christopher Hilton on 01-19-21

    Hello, My family and I will be relocating to the Grand Marais area in April due to a job transfer. I work Federal Law Enforcement, my wife is an EMT and we have two children. Were looking for something to rent because I don't know how my wife will like…

  • Rental needed

    Rental needed

    Posted by Gayle Grinnell on 01-21-21

    Hello, I am in search of a place to rent. I am a travel nurse, I have been here since Nov 1st and I have been offered a job. I would love to accept, but I have to find housing first. I am currently renting and I have to be out by end of April. If you have…

  • In search of housing - Grand Marais

    In search of housing - Grand Marais

    Posted by Abby Hill on 01-21-21

    Hello everyone! I got offered a job recently working as a civil engineer with the US Forest Service out of the Grand Marias district office. My start date is in April and am in search of housing! I've only heard wonderful things about this area so I'm…

  • ISO


    Posted by Tamber Koltes on 01-23-21

    Currently in search of housing somewhere between Tofte and Lutsen for 2 people and 2 sweet cats.  Currently living in Two Harbors, but starting a new job in Tofte in about a week!  Left the area in March and so excited to be returning!  

  • Needed Housing

    Needed Housing

    Posted by Bill Winter on 01-25-21

    Hello. I received a job offer in Grand Marais and have not been able to locate housing. My girlfriend and I do not have pets and do not smoke. We can assist with landscaping and other general maintenance on the grounds if needed. We would prefer to live…