Hi , 
I am looking for a a forever home in trade for work , I can clean ,cook, garden , animal care , outdoor chores , minor repairs , minor elec . Fencing and so on. 
I am a 57 year old woman who would like to be closer to nature , the angry climate of these times showed me that I cannot stand to live where I live any longer . 
I have two large dogs some ducks and chickens , I am willing to rehome chickens and ducks but I can’t lose my dogs , looking for a single room cabin or rv to live in . 
I am looking for a homestead , private estate , resort that needs a extra pair of hands , kind of a sustainable living, bee keeping kind of place, I am looking for something that is neat and orderly. I am looking for positive attitudes and happy people . 
I do not do drug's , drink alcohol ,  not Looking for a relationship , I am actually pretty boring . I am a good and kind person . I do have references from clients I have now . 
I have a home so I am not desperate . 
I just want to do som3thing in life that makes me happy . 
Thank u 

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