Hey Folks! 

I am looking for either short term or longer term housing in Grand Marais or south of town. I am relocating to Grand Marais for work at Lutsen Mountains. I recently lived in Ely for about 4 years and visited Grand Marais often. I am excited about joining a community that I always loved visiting. 

I don't need a house/cabin with much space. I am a very responsible renter and always treat my rentals as my own. I have heated with wood and propane before so that would not be an issue. I do have a dog so the property would need to be dog friendly. I am looking for something "in town" or could be south of town towards Lutsen. 

As mentioned, happy for something short term through the winter and early spring or long term. My goal is to buy a property sometime in the near future. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Matt Kraska