Greetings from the Little Free Library at 103 3rd Av. West.  Parents, there are MANY level 1 and level 2 readers in the left hand box.  Summer's almost half over and the skills that the eager early readers learned with so much good work can disappear before you know it.  So stop on by and choose a handful of books to enjoy with your young one.
The newest box under the adult bench is full of book bundles:  these are books in series (hey kids, check out the Clan books) or are books that are of a particular type.  After you enjoy them, pass them on to a friend or neighbor to read and then have a discussion.  Books bring all of us together.  
There are almost always new additions to the adult box and the Children's box.  And the teens have been enjoying this summer with lots of books gone from their box.  GO TEENS!!  

, 103 3rd Av West