Hello from the Grand Marais/Cook County Little Free Library.  The month has turned and we are into the time of year when you pick up a book and settle back to read.  The adult box has all NEW selections to browse through.  And now there is a NEW box to the LFL:  a box of over sized books in a plastic tub that is sitting on the adult bench.  This box holds art books, cook books. home decorating books and some fiction.  And there are already 3 books that have found temporary new homes since the box was set out last night.  Clearly the books are in demand and now they are available to the puiblic
The chapter box is being replenished every day for the readers grades 2 through 6.  Board books are making the rounds as adults choose new books and bring back ones they have read to little ones for someone else to enjoy.
Today a woman who lives in the TC was at the children's box looking through the board books.  It turns out that this is her family's yearly visit to Grand Marais and she always stops to pick up new books and give an equal number of books to the box.  The mission of the Little Free Library is to get the books moving and expose people to books that they might not have ever seen otherwise.  GO LITTLE FREE LIBRARY!!!

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