Monday, October 1st, 2 hours (7-9), Monday, October 8th, 2 hours (7-9) and Saturday, October 13th, 9-1. II’ll suggest that they bring snacks for the Saturday session.

Cost: $120 (8 hours)
Writing Workshop: The Six Traits of Good Writing

Course Description:

If you’d like to improve your writing, understanding the Six Traits is incredibly helpful. In fact, it works for both novice and experienced writers. These traits were identified in the early 80’s by educators who spent years evaluating good writing to discover what factors distinguish excellent writing from mediocre.

In two evening sessions we’ll go over information on the Six Traits (Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions), then during a longer Saturday session we’ll apply them to pieces class members have brought in. All three sessions will involve writing prompts and practice.


Ann Marie Mershon is a retired high school English teacher who spent many years as a member of Minnesota Best Practices in Writing Team. She both attended and led workshops for teachers in the use of Six Traits. She was also a participant in the Minnesota Writing Project for two summers at the University of Minnesota. Mershon is a published writer herself, with numerous columns and articles as well as three books to her name.

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