Boy: A journey of love, friendship and little white lies, discovered while in the fight against the monster Dementia

Date: Sep 25, 2018
Time:7pm (TUESDAY) 
Instructor:Anna Hamilton

BOY is a story about a few weeks in the lives of Hugh and Betty Roberts, an elderly couple living alone on a family farm in Iowa. They are buried deep in grief over the loss of their only child and struggling to hang onto the only life they have ever known when Dementia sneaks in. But an unusual visitor brings a welcome distraction and reprieve just before Thanksgiving.

"I began the story 'Boy' after an attempt of a memoir about my father during his struggle with Dementia.  It was too painful for me, ugly even.  I couldn't go back to it but wanted desperately to write about the disease and its effects on those who take care of a loved one who is cursed with it.  So...,I created a third party, a narrator if you will.  I found I could write more freely when on the outside rather than on the inside, and it worked. I loved writing this story. I cried and laughed and through it all I re-acquainted myself with my life as much of the content is in someway from my growing up with specific people and places and things."

I am grateful that so many relate to this story on whatever level, that was the intention and I could not be prouder to have succeeded as that was the goal..  Life's bumps and bruises either tear us apart or bond us and friendship are vital in surviving what is thrown at us and we are so lucky to have one or both."

300 W 3rd St.