Mid-Summer Service of Remembrance and Healing – 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 26 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Mid-summer in the northlands is a time of extended activities because of the extra daylight. Long evenings allow for more fishing, another round of golf, more time in the garden, more fun. The extra sunshine lightens hearts and lifts spirits. Or at least that is a common expectation. Staff and members at Bethlehem are also aware that grief and loss can be heavy and dark even in a season of light. Out of this realization has come a plan to offer an evening service to remember, commend, and give thanks. Time to share a cherished memory and light a candle in honor of the lost loved one will be part of this service. There will also be time to remain after the service for mutual consolation with others who understand the depth of grief.

This is intended as a public offering for any who have experienced grief recently or have carried the burden a longer time. The format will be similar to the “light up a life” ceremony that Care Partners has held for many years in December. Bethlehem staff and members hope that this mid-summer would be a helpful and healing time to share this opportunity again.

All are welcome.

417 W First Avenue, PO Box 638