June 4 & 5 | 5:30pm-7:30pm
Instructor: Craig Horak
Location: CCHE Parking Lot
Cost: $80 - Scholarships Available
Register: www.myCCHE.org | 218-387-3411 | office@myCCHE.org

Basic Auto Maintenance is taught outside in a small group (6 or less people) with lots of time to learn through hands-on experience with your own vehicle. With Basic Auto Maintenance, you will have a solid understanding of all the basic necessities to maintain and care for your car at home.
- Learn to jump start a vehicle
- Learn to change a tire safely and effectively
- Diagnose a check engine light 
- Be familiar with all interior buttons, gauges, lights and gears.
- Open the hood and be familiar with what is under it.
- Be able to replace: engine oil and filter, engine air filter, windshield wiper blades, all exterior headlight and tail light bulbs, service and replace battery if needed

Please bring your own personal vehicle and owners manual. CCHE will provide a KN95 to wear during the training.

To register: https://mycche.org/event/basic-auto-maintenance/2020-06-04/
Sponsor: Timber Wolff Realty 


300 W 3rd Street, Po Box 57