Thursday, May 17th

A Day of Learning: Develop, Network, Dis-engage, and Replenish

8am-Noon Women's Leadership Training with Marcia Hyatt - Includes a Light Breakfast - Develop
12-1pm Networking Lunch - Catered - Network
1-3pm Emotional Resilience Training with Marcia Hyatt - Dis-Engage
3pm-3:30 Tea and Treats
3:30-5:30pm Self Care in Action - Meditation, Massage, Accupunture, and More! - Replenish
Cost: $180

*Funding should not be a barrier, please contact us for further details

Includes: Breakfast, Workshops, Lunch, Tea/Treats, and Relaxation Services.

Pre-Registration Required
Cook County Higher Education 300 West 3rd Street 

Women's Leadership Training 8am-Noon Instructor: Marcia Hyatt The objectives are: *Understand the unique issues faced by women in leadership *Explore strategies to navigate the common challenges for women *Identify specific commitments to strengthen their own and other women’s leadership *Identify how men can be of support Networking Lunch Noon-1pm Lunch Catered Emotional Resilience: Don’t Get Hooked on the Small Stuff Time: 1pm-3pm Instructor: Marcia Hyatt Description Elite athletes have shown a critical skill is the ability to deal with challenges shifting their focus. In this workshop, we will explore how to more successfully dis-engage with big or small issues that “hook us”. We will review some key strategies to maintain emotional resilience in challenging times. Participants in this session will: * Learn what it takes to become more resilient in times of change and explore the benefit * Practice a few techniques to help build resilience Tea and Treats 3pm-3:30pm Self Care in Action 3:30-5:30pm Chair Massage Community Acupuncture Led Meditation And More! | 218-387-3411 | 

Po Box 57, 300 West 3rd Street