1821 in Rainy Lake House: Twilight Year of the Fur Trade - 1 Day Conference
December 11 | 9am-4pm *You can attend one session or all the sessions during the conference.
Presenters:  David Shepard (Fort William Historical Park), Bill Hennessey (Author of Pemmican Man),  Michael De Jong (Thunder Bay Museum),  Ted Catton (Historian and Author of Rainy Lake House), Gwen Danfelt (Drury Lane Books), Carolyn Dry (Native Perspectives), Tom McCann and John Gustafson (Historic Sites)
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Come virtually join a group of learners from Minnesota, Manitoba, and Ontario (and beyond) that are deep-diving into the Rainy Lake House book and what happened in the fur trade from 1821-1823. You can attend one session or all the sessions during the conference.

Rainy Lake House is a book published in 2017 by John Hopkins Press, written by Theodore Catton. Rainy Lake House weaves together the captivating stories of three men who cast their fortunes in different ways with the western fur trade. Theodore Catton creates a vivid depiction of the beautiful and dangerous northern frontier from a collision of vantage points: American, British, and Indian; imperial, capital, and labor; explorer, trader, and hunter. The physical setting of the book extends from the Northwest Company Post at Ft William, west along the international boundary to the Red River Valley and east through the Great Lakes to Montreal and London, England. 

*It is required that attendees have read the book prior to attending the conference.


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