We are seeking energetic, self motivated individuals who share our passion for the outdoors and would like to share that passion with others to help our company continue to succeed and grow. Someone with retail/customer service experience in the outdoor gear industry and is interested in learning about the latest products and services related to what our company offers. We are also looking for someone that already knows or really wants to learn about all of the great recreational opportunities this part of northeast Minnesota has to offer.

Qualifications – Retail/customer service experience, solid computer skills, ability to multi-task. Must be physically able to lift canoes and kayaks when necessary.

Job Description – Primary responsibilities: running a computerized register, answering questions about our products and services, checking in /stocking/ organizing inventory, taking reservations for rentals/tours, running shuttles, helping to keep shop and rental equipment clean/serviced.

Benefits – Competitive wage, employee discounts, flexible hours, use of rental equipment.

Position – Full or Part time seasonal 

Contact Sarah or Jeff at 218-663-7643 or info@sawtoothoutfitters

7213 W Hwy 61, Tofte,MN