North Shore Laundry Services is seeking a Laundry Operations Manager for a new commercial laundry facility located in Grand Marais, Minnesota. This hands-on position is responsible for overseeing all operations of this industrial/commercial laundry facility. The facility will only process bed linens and towels for commercial resorts and properties. The manager has responsibility and oversight of all staff, and is the direct point of contact with the customer. The Laundry Operations Manager will be involved in day to day operations, including operating of the equipment, managing of staff, delivery of linen when necessary, and management of all supplies and inventory. This is a full time, year round salaried position.

Essential job traits include;

• Strong organizational skills
• Time management
• Positive communication skills both oral and written
• The ability to work well with others
• Problem solving ability

Year-round position with a start date of December 1st, 2021
Annual salary $45,000-$52,000, based on expereince.

Please send position inquiries and resumes via e-mail to