We at Cook County In-Home Support Program are passionate about enhancing quality of life for elders and disabled individuals living in Cook County.  If you have a similar passion and need to supplement your current income, we would like to talk with you about working with frail/vulnerable individuals with tasks in their homes.  Depending on the needs of the individuals we serve and your availability, we offer a variety of flexible assignments.  

Individuals who work on behalf of the In-Home Support Program provide help such as housekeeping, laundry, providing transportation, and meal preparation.  Help to enhance our community by helping others in their homes and supplement your own income at the same time.

Quotes from current Service Providers:

“I have found this work In Home Services extremely satisfying. You’re meeting needs that if left undone might be detrimental to that individual. It’s coming alongside to lift them up, spirit, soul and body. I love seeing how things change for them, it affirms them, it brings honor to their existence, if done with respect…”

“Working with Cook County’s In-Home Support Program has helped me to expand my horizons. It allows me to meet and work with people from many walks of life, many of whom I may not have gotten to know otherwise. My life has been both touched and enriched by the people I serve.”

Competitive wages.  Mileage reimbursement in some circumstances.  In-Home Support Service Providers must pass background checks.  For more information or to apply, contact Anita at 218-387-3615 or anita.jeziah@co.cook.mn.us.

411 W 2nd Street