Maintaining North Shore Forest Habitat Under Electric Powerlines: What’s a Landowner to Do?
November 30 | 5:30pm-7:30pm | Zoom
Presenters: Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s (AEC) Forester Justin Mayne, Shoreview Natives Owner Dan Schutte, and North Shore Forest Collaborative
Register at: | 218-387-3411 |

Join us for an informative webinar conversation highlighting Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s (AEC) Forester Justin Mayne’s presentation on AEC’s rights-of-way management program, how that has evolved over these last few years, with a focus on the types of habitat and planting species best suited within the easement ROW and adjacent edges. Options for sustainable planting habitat will also be highlighted by a presentation by Dan Schutte owner of Shoreview Natives. North Shore Forest Collaborative ( NSFC) associates will also be on-hand to provide support and insight into the NSFC technical recommendations for North Shore forest habitat restoration. 

This event is brought to you by the North Shore Forest Collaborative, in coordination with Cook County Higher Education, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, and Shoreview Natives.

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