Last Words: a creative approach to writing your own obituary
April 10 | 6-7pm | At CCHE & Zoom
Instructor: Rose Arrowsmith

Our lives are made up of stories: The tales we tell about ourselves and the stories we swap with others. Using the obituary as a structure, we'll reflect on significant moments, core beliefs, and the legacy we hope to leave behind. We'll explore the process of crafting your own obituary, which empowers you to authentically convey your personality, notable accomplishments, values, history, family, and life story. Regardless of age, it is thoughtful to start drafting your obituary document to ensure it is readily available for your family and loved ones if and when necessary. This workshop will include a template, writing prompts, peer sharing, and group discussion. Participants will leave with a draft of their own "last words" and a deepened appreciation of their life story. No prior writing experience is needed.

Take charge of your narrative; don't depend on others to understand your story or accurately represent it in a written obituary.

This workshop is led by author, storyteller, and educator, Rose Arrowsmith.

300 W 3rd Street, Po Box 57