Let us help you make lasting changes aimed at improving your health and preventing diabetes. Weight loss through structured lifestyle change is the single most important step people can take to prevent type 2 diabetes. This class is a year-long program for adults with 16 weekly meetings that focus on lifestyle change to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, followed by monthly meetings to help participants maintain their changes.

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New Session Starts October 2nd
Day and Time: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00am | October 2, 2018-October 1 2019 
Location and Instructor:  YMCA | Robin Nicholson                                                                          
Fees:  YMCA Member Fee: $100 | Community Fee: $200

The program involves weekly meetings for the first quarter, meetings twice/month in the 2nd quarter, meetings once/month for the last half of the year)

Scholarships are available for this program for income eligible participants. Apply by completing a Personal Pricing Application available online or at the YMCA Membership desk.

To register: Register online or at the YMCA Membership desk. Call Emily Marshall at the YMCA at 218.387.3386 x 506, email at with questions.

105 West 5th Street