$2400 b/o

For 20 years, this 'yoda never let our family down.  It's been more reliable than the mail, more capable than our last 4 presidents and has covered enough miles to have reached the moon (and most of the way back).  It's got the dings, dents, and scratches you'd expect for the age.

Title is clean, no accidents, 317,000 miles. 

The frame was replaced in 2012(13?) by Toyota due to recall on the rust coating.  The cost to the dealer was around $11k and it's still rust free underneath.  I can make 20 years of service records available as it's only been serviced by Toyota in Maplewood and Auger's in White Bear Lake.

Parts replaced in the last 18mo:
- Front and rear shocks and struts
- Rear brakes (drums and shoes)
- Front brakes (calipers, rotors, pads)
- Power steering pump
- Front wheel bearings

Timing belt and water pump were done at 280k at the service interval.

Rides smooth, GREAT HEAT WITH REMOTE START and has never once failed to turn over on even the most bitter of February mornings.  4 wheel drive is tight and transmission shifts easy.

What's broke?
- Windshield is cracked, rock on the hwy. 
- Passenger side mirror
- A/C

Next services I'd recommend doing:
- Front brakes (pads, rotors are new enough to resurface)
- Tires are about 40% left, all-seasons.  Fine if we have another dry winter.