Join local author and spiritual leader Mary Ellen Ashcroft for a reading and signing of her new book, OMG Growing Our God Images.

Sat. Feb 16, 5 PM at Drury Lane Books

In OMG, Mary Ellen Ashcroft invites readers to look over her shoulder as she traces her god growth, beginning with a capricious childhood god. The loving savior who embraced her when she was eighteen, followed her into strict fundamentalism, while the god she met in an Anglican seminary shocked her by caring more about poverty than a seven-day creation, but then called her to a South Africa tipping toward revolution. An interweaving of narrative theology and creative nonfiction, OMG invites readers to grow into deeper faith, retelling their stories in the light of the biblical one, dropping inadequate gods to grasp a mysterious, awesome one.

Mary Ellen Ashcroft was an English professor at Bethel University and Kalamazoo College, and is now vicar of Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church in Grand Marais, MN. She has published a number of books, including Dogspell: The Gospel According to Dog, The Magdalene Gospel, and Spirited Women. She teaches a course using a narrative theology to invite people into Scripture, and is also an active wilderness guide, part time bookseller at Drury Lane Books, and grandmother.

12 E. Wisconsin St.