10% of Terra Bella’s sales will be donated for the month of December to Sasha (Falk) Riner


She also has set up a go fund me account at www.gofundme.com/help-fund-sasha


“November of 2017, I started having episodes of blacking out that became significantly more severe.
I would talk to people and not know what I would say, I would full out function
but not remember any of it. In January of 2018, I decided it was time to see a
specialist when I was driving to work one day and ended up on the side of a
random street; not knowing how I got there or where I was. I saw a Neurologist
and was diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy called Complex Partial Seizures. I
was put on seizure medications and was seizure free until September of 2018. At
the end of September, the black outs came back and once again got progressively
worse. I now will work all day but not remember being at work, my husband will
tell me something and I won’t remember a thing two seconds later, I space out
and go into a whole other world and not know it, I will go into the bathroom to
go to the bathroom but not know why I’m in the bathroom, I will lay in bed
instead because I think it’s the bathroom. I am now seeing a Neurologist at the
Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale who has been adjusting my medications but has thus
far, not been able to get my seizures, black outs, and memory loss under
control. I have done numerous EEG’s and MRI’s searching for a cause but have
yet to locate one. I will be undergoing In-patient brain testing for a couple
of weeks to try and figure out the ultimate cause of my seizures.
Unfortunately, insurance has been a great help but not helpful enough. My work
does not assist in the time off I will be needing to take to undergo more
testing. My husband will be working full-time as well as being a full-time
student during this time”


This is a wonderful sweet young woman who needs our support. 
I am blessed to be her friend. 
Thanks, Sandi

PO Box 1148 407 4th Ave East