CCLEP Builders, Contractors, Remodelers, Roofers, & Homeowners Continuing Education Event - ONLINE
March 8 | 8:30am-4:30pm | Online - Live
Presenter: Rum River Consulting
7 hours CEU's includes | 1-hour Business | 1-hour Energy

Cook County Local Energy Project is excited to host this workshop on best construction practices and codes for residential construction. Rum River will be presenting the 2024 Building Blocks - Code Talk. Topics Include Tall Walls/Braced Walls, 2024 MN law & compliance changes, employee challenges, I-9 updates, scope and applicability of administration of MN Energy code. Rum River works to provide excellent training opportunities to ensure construction methods meet standards for a safe, durable, and energy-efficient building. Presentation materials are backed by the adopted Minnesota State Building Code.

Anyone who works with residential construction is encouraged to attend. We also strongly encourage any homeowner who is thinking about building a home to attend this workshop to learn more about the home-building process and codes.

This course is also open to all builder professionals and interested persons who do not need continuing education credits.

Residential builders (QB), remodelers (QC), and roofers (QR) need to have completed 14 hours of appropriate continuing education credits by the time they start to renew their licenses. Since licenses are renewed every two years, you have two years to complete the courses. Many residential building contractor and remodeler business licenses expire on March 31, 2024. Renew:

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