With Dan Mondloch

Fri, July 19 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm @ Studio 21

As a teacher, Dan’s goal is to see the light bulbs come on when students realize that painting isn’t as mysterious as it seems. In this watercolor demo, he will go over a basic way to view landscapes that immediately makes them easier to paint. Dan will share how to create and use a value study and reveal a great trick on how to figure out what colors to use in any scene.

Generous funding for this event comes from the Grand Marais Area Tourist Association.

Entry Points are sponsored in part, by our local art supply store and business partner: Joy & Company, located at 16 1st Ave W, Grand Marais.

And by the Cook County Community Fund. Improving our community through the arts, community development, education, the environment, human services, and youth-focused initiatives.


21 West Hwy. 61